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Chiltern District Council
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    Wycombe Rape Crisis


    Rape Crisis is a voluntary organisation, run by women for women, independent of the Police and Social Services. All staff and volunteers have comprehensive training and experience in supporting women who are survivors of sexual assault.

    Rape Crisis aim to provide an equal opportunities service to all women, regardless of their race, cultural background, sexual orientation and any disability. They want women from all walks of life to be supported and experience a safe and appropriate environment in which to heal.


    Free and Confidential Support


    Telephone Helpline:

    01494 46 22 22

    (24 hour answer-machine)

    The helpline is staffed at different times during the week. The answer-machine will tell you when it is next staffed. lf you leave a message on the answer-machine they will ring you back as soon as possible and within 24 hours. (Our telephone number cannot be obtained by dialling 1471, but it will appear on itemised telephone accounts)



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