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Chiltern District Council
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    Election results for Ashley Green, Latimer & Chenies

    District Council Election - Thursday, 3rd May, 2007

    Ashley Green, Latimer & Chenies - results
    Election Candidate Party Votes %
    Graham Sussum Conservative 501 75% Elected
    Susan Jordan Liberal Democrat 113 17% Not elected
    Mark Pearce Labour 52 8% Not elected
    Voting Summary
    Details Number
    Seats 1
    Total votes 666
    Number of ballot papers issued 668
    Number of ballot papers rejected 2
    Share of the votes (%)
    Graham Sussum 75% Elected
    Susan Jordan 17% Not elected
    Mark Pearce 8% Not elected
    Rejected ballot papers
    Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty2
    Total rejected2